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released July 12, 2013

All Lyrics By Richard Goodness except "Keep it to Yourself" by Daniel Byrne & Richard Goodness

Music By: Riot Fox

Richard Goodness: Vocals / Guitar
Colin Colfer: Guitar / Vocals
Alix Piorun: Bass / Vocals
Daniel Byrne: Drums / Screams

*Keys on "Undine" by Richard Goodness

Recorded at Beachwick Studios in the Spring of 2013
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Colin Colfer

Cover Design & Layout by Colin Colfer
Riot Fox Logo by Diablo D'amore



all rights reserved


Riot Fox Brooklyn, New York

Riot Fox is a Rock & Roll band from Brooklyn, NY.

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Track Name: My Undine
When I caught you in my net
You said you'd give me anything
I cut you free
You swam away
Now I go to the seaside every day

Come back down
I need to feel your fins around
The current never slows me down
See, I don't even miss the ground

Come to me, my sweet undine
I need your tentacles in me

Though I know that it's a sin
I need to feel your scaly skin
Caress you by your dorsal fin
I'll fill your gills with oxygen

Take me from the world I know
Embrace me in your ebb and flow
Coral, tell me where to go

So go on and let the water take me

I once was lost
But now I've drowned
I've said goodbye to solid ground
And every day I'll serve my queen
My seafoam darling
My undine
Track Name: Keep it to Yourself
Keep it to yourself
No one needs to know
Everyone's a loser when the colors start to show
You don't have to play the game
Just show them who you are
Stop bending over backwards
And be your own bright star

As long as my heart is beating
Every other day I'll keep repeating
You know that I don't want to follow you no more
Another lonely hour
Another lonely day
If I can be myself
Well, that's the price I'll pay

So chase the crowds away

Stay calm and watch your head
Don't have a heart attack
Everyone's a loser showing up and wearing black
They got those fancy new shoes that you never can afford
The kind of money that it takes for you to look and act and feel so bored

I wasted all those years
I wasted all my life
I gave away my struggle
I gave away my birthright
And now I'm standing here
And now I'm oh so lonely
And there's one thing I've got to do
I'm gonna keep it to myself
Track Name: The Forgotten One
Well, I may have sunk ten thousand years ago
But I am still alive
I've just been sleeping in
And when they come back
And I know they'll come back
I swear they're coming soon
Well we'll see who's laughing then

I used to own this city
Everyone would tremble at my name
But now I've been abandoned and left alone
I've been forgotten

I'm not a bad guy
I'm just misunderstood
I'm just a little lonely
I'm just looking for someone
And then when we ascend
You and me
Hand in hand
You'll be at my right
And with my left, we'll burn the world together
Track Name: Waiting for a Ride
I just wanted to check
That there was no mistake
Weren't you supposed to break me out of here by now?

It's been a while
Somebody get me out of here
Why did you leave me all alone
Waiting for a ride

I got my watch and my schedule
I think there's something wrong
You know
It's time to go
You've got to pick me up

I guess the lesson here:
Be careful who you trust
And if you're gonna hit the road
You're better off taking the bus
And also:
When you get up
You gotta get out
And you gotta make a home for yourself
And you gotta make a stand on your own two feet
Then you'll relax
And then you'll let go
And then you will make a name for yourself
And then you'll hit the road

So I grew tired
Of sitting around all by myself
I stumbled out and then I found an alternate way home
Track Name: Sympathy
Get on up
Go to work
I'm bored again

Die an early death
I'm bored again

Give me your sympathy
Cause I am stuck down here
And I have gotta face this over and over and over and over

Give me your sympathy
Track Name: Dead (Why aren't you?)
We got in the car
It was night
You were behind the wheel
You were tired
I was stoned
We didn't see it
And then I broke my back
I could see you walk away
And I thought:

Why aren't you dead like me?

And then came the day when I got the call to meet you at the hospital
But you'd invited your family and friends along
There were too many witnesses
I would have ripped out the tubes
I would have snapped out the wires
I would have tampered with your medication
I would have done what it took
I would have done what I could

I cannot name this
I cannot explain this
But I've got this feeling that we're not gonna make it
I can't afford it
But I can't ignore it
If I call this number all my problems will be solved

One call and I never have to see you
One call and I never have to know you
One call and I never have to talk to you
One call and I never have to love you
One call and they're never gonna miss you
One call and nobody's gonna find you
One call and all of my problems will be solved